About TSC

You can find us at production lines, operating theatres, laboratories, industrial operations and offices. We are your solution for comprehensive technical services – we are TSC Group.

TSC Group

TSC Group is the largest Czech group providing multidisciplinary services in facility management, cleaning, washing and laundry, technical cleaning, paint removal and other related fields. TSC stands for Technical Services Company, and expresses our focus on providing a wide range of services for various customer groups, from industry through nuclear power to healthcare. Our long-term clients include the largest and most important companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our values

A pro-client approach

Modern technology

Quality employees

Cleanliness is our world

We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for a wide variety of operations using the most advanced technologies available in the market. We are constantly improving our processes and monitoring the latest trends. We invest heavily into modernising our equipment. We have been providing top-class services to our clients since 1997.

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We grow with you

Our holding group includes companies engaged in multidisciplinary services in the most varied fields. The TSC Group portfolio includes companies engaged in facility management, regular cleaning and comprehensive laundry services, and includes a specialized company providing cleaning services to healthcare facilities, a company focused on industrial cleaning, the maintenance of large outdoor areas, technical cleaning of paint shops and paint removal services, and other related human resources and specialized software solution services.

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Qualified staff

We employ over 7 000 people across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We carefully select our employees and ensure they are properly trained.

Our story

We combine our many years of experience in the field with the most advanced technologies available in the market.

TSC Group is founded – a comprehensive multidisciplinary company for the provision of technical services.
We acquire a paint stripping centre and at the same time establish a new facility management division.
We move with the times and acquire a new laser cleaner. We can clean the uncleanable.
Technology advances - we begin cleaning with dry ice.
We have our first customer for site security.
We get our first technical cleaning order for a paint shop.
We buy our first laundry facility and start providing laundry services to our clients for the first time.
Our first plough-equipped tractor is purchased.
We commence our first cleaning service in a hospital.
We get our first outdoor area cleaning order.
We commence cleaning our first industrial site.
Classic cleaning equipment is no longer sufficient. We need to modernise and we purchase our first washing machine.
We are growing and so purchase our first computer. Our office enters the digital age.
We start our business activities and establish our first cleaning company.
We clean our first metres of floor space in Munich in Germany.

Where we operate

We are the largest company providing multidisciplinary technical services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and have offices in Ostrava, Prague and Banská Bystrica.

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