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What we can do for you

We provide a variety of services for facility management, cleaning, security, washing and laundry, technical cleaning, paint removal and other related fields.

What field do you work in?


We clean and wash laundry for industrial halls, including demanding operations in the heavy and food industries.

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Automotive and paint shops

We also provide comprehensive cleaning services for the most demanding automotive and paint shop operations. We can remove paint from and blast clean the most varied materials.

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Hospitals and social services facilities

We specialize in cleaning and laundry services for hospitals and other healthcare and social services facilities. We provide our services with the utmost care for the environment.

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Administrative and commercial premises

We provide regular cleaning, facility management and security services for administrative and office buildings. We are ready to flexibly adapt to specific customer requirements.

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Outdoor areas

We can also take care of your outdoor areas. We can clean them, maintain your greenery, and remove snow and leaves.

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What services do you need?

Facility management

We can take over building operation and maintenance, and operate and inspect its technical equipment. We centralize all services, making overall building management far easier.

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Cleaning services

We provide regular daily cleaning services for the most varied operations. Our services also include carpet cleaning and window washing using the latest technologies.

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Cleaning services in healthcare

We provide regular daily cleaning and disinfection services for hospitals and social services facilities. We clean common areas, and also operating theatres and surgeries.

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Special cleaning services

Our service portfolio covers even the most demanding customer requirements. Special cleaning work includes the cleaning of hard-to-reach places, cleaning machines and production lines, and removing dirt using chemicals, lasers, steam, ultrasound, dry ice and other methods.

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Technological cleaning of paint shops and paint removal services

We focus on the technological cleaning of paint shops, for which we have extensive experience and specialized technical equipment. We provide specialized paint removal services using leaching, ultrasound and thermal processes.

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Linen washing and leasing

We provide leasing and washing of hospital and other linen, including workwear. This comprehensive service also includes RFID chip technology.

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Provision of substitute performance

We are one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic providing substitute performance in the field of cleaning services.

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Outdoor maintenance

We can also take care of your outdoor areas. We can clean them, maintain your greenery, and remove of snow and leaves.

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Security services

We provide security services for the most varied premises – from administrative and commercial buildings to large industrial and storage areas.

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We are TSC Group

You can find us at production lines, operating theatres, laboratories, industrial operations and offices. We are your solution for comprehensive technical services – we are TSC Group.

TSC Group is a holding company for 10 enterprises that focus on a wide range of services in the fields of cleaning, washing, laundry and other technical services. We use state-of-the-art technologies and combine them with many years of experience. We are the largest company in our field in the Czech Republic.

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football stadiums
we can clean up to 72 471 m2 per hour
hours worked
every day, 365 days a year
great staff members
who enable us to do incredible things
High pressure cleaning FALCH 2500 bar

We have expanded our technological equipment with a mobile high-pressure equipment FALCH with an operating pressure of…

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TSC Group has expanded to include ips cleaning group, s.r.o.

In August 2022, TSC GROUP, a.s. concluded a long-planned transaction, which resulted in the integration of the Slovak…

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TSC Group is a partner of HC Olomouc

The TSC Group has entered into a partnership agreement with HC Olomouc. The member of the highest Czech ice hockey…

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Christmas thanks to FNO employees

TSC Group prepared a Christmas present for the employees of the Ostrava University Hospital. As a thank you for the…

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TSC Group at Hyundai Family Day

The village of Nosovice once again hosted the popular Hyundai Family Day after a two-year break. The all-day program…

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TSC Group is the general partner of the FC Baník Ostrava football club

Baník has presented the final appearance of their jerseys for 2022, including the partner logos. The main change is…

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Restructuring and introduction of the new TSC Group brand

The Ostrava-based holding company TSC Group, operating in the fields of industrial cleaning, washing and laundry, has…

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TSC Group is a partner of the HC Košice ice hockey club

TSC Group has been a proud sponsor of HC Košice since January 2022. This hockey club has a long tradition and…

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New paint stripping centre and advanced technical cleaning and paint removal technologies

The Ostrava-based holding company TSC Group, which covers the largest group of enterprises in the fields of cleaning,…

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We use high-tech equipment

We monitor the latest trends in the field and invest in state-of-the-art equipment. This means we are able to keep up with the global competition that operates on the Czech and Slovak markets.

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