TSC Group

What we can do for you

We provide all activities in cleaning, laundry and laundry service, industrial cleaning, deglazing and other related fields.

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We clean industrial halls, machines or demanding operations in the heavy and food industry. We use the most modern technologies on the market.

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Automotive and paint shops

We provide a comprehensive cleaning service for the most demanding automotive or paint shop operations. We provide degreasing and blasting of a wide variety of materials.

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Hospitals and sanitary facilities

We specialize in cleaning hospitals, specialized medical and social facilities. We provide service with the utmost care that the environment requires.

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Administrative and public spaces

We provide regular cleaning of administrative and office buildings. We are able to flexibly adapt to specific customer requirements.

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Outdoor spaces

We take care of your premises and outdoors. We will provide outdoor cleaning, green maintenance or snow removal.

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Jaké služby potřebujete?

Facility management
Cleaning services

We provide regular daily cleaning in various operations. Our service also includes carpet cleaning or window cleaning using modern technology.

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Cleaning services for healthcare

We provide regular daily cleaning of hospital and social facilities by machine and manual methods. We clean common areas as well as surgical and interventional rooms.

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Special cleaning services

Our service portfolio covers even the most demanding customer requirements. We provide special cleaning of hard-to-reach areas in a wide variety of interior and exterior locations.

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Technical cleaning of paint shops and varnish removal services

We have extensive technical equipment, thanks to which we are able to clean even the dirtiest premises using the most modern technologies available on the market.

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Laundry and linen rental

We provide comprehensive service and linen rental. We use a sophisticated laundry sorting system using chip technology.

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Provision of substitute performance

We are one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic providing replacement services in the field of cleaning services.

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Outdoor maintenance

As part of the cleaning of industrial premises, we also provide outdoor cleaning, green maintenance and snow removal.

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Object security

We provide security for various objects. We guard large complexes, office buildings, as well as family houses and business houses.

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We are TSC Group

We are on production lines, we are in operating theatres, we are in laboratories or other sophisticated operations. We are your cleaning solution.

TSC Group is a holding company comprising 10 companies that focus on a wide range of cleaning, laundry and other technical services. We use the latest sophisticated technologies and combine them with years of experience in the industry. We are the largest company in the Czech Republic in our field.

More about us
football stadiums
in 1 day we clean an area of 72 471 m2
hours of cleaning
we can handle every day 365 days a year
great employees
that make it possible for us to do incredible things

We use Hi-End technology

We follow the latest trends in the industry and invest in the latest machinery. Thanks to this, we are able to keep up with the global competition operating on the Czech and Slovak markets.

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