Security services

We provide comprehensive security services from physical security to the provision of security equipment.

We’ll keep an eye on it for you

We can provide site security and security equipment according to your requirements. We guard industrial and logistics complexes, administrative buildings and department stores. We also provide prestige reception services for administrative buildings. We will adapt to your requirements. You will feel safe with us by your side.


We walk 1 600 km per day while carrying out security checks.


We take 70 000 hours of recordings on camera systems per month.


We have over 7 years of experience in the field.

Building security

Reliably, safely

We have many years of experience in security.

  • Security (physical and electronic) for industrial, logistics and other areas, department store security
  • Perimeter control through patrols and perimeter monitoring
  • Inspection services and energy meter readings as part of patrols
  • Entry authorization and registration for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Design activities
  • Installation of security systems and their integration into superstructure platforms (experience with C4, SBI)
  • Service, maintenance and inspection activities

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Reception services

Presentably and safely

We will ensure the smooth running of your reception area.

Our receptionists will supervise the camera system and ensure the reporting and authorization of visits and the monitoring of the entire building, including other additional security-related services. We emphasise receptionist presentability and adherence to the dress code, and careful administration.

Security equipment

Electronic surveillance

We use modern equipment to ensure maximum security.

We complement physical security with advanced security equipment. We will provide perimeter protection and subsequent inspections of fencing, camera surveillance of the entire site, and window security, including all necessary security features. Our company also provides entry registration systems, automatic parking systems and electronic fire alarms. An essential part of all the above services is their maintenance and servicing.


We will propose the most secure solution

All-risks screening is an essential part of the whole process.

We will carry out a thorough analysis of the entire building, evaluate all possible risks, and recommend security measures. We will prepare a detailed proposal of measures, including installation.

We provide security services mainly for companies in the following fields:

Security services in the TSC Group are provided by:


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