We provide a wide portfolio of support services even for the most demanding operations.

We work to make sure of the result

Due to potentially high levels of contamination and often large areas involved, industrial companies are among the most demanding operations in terms of maintenance. We provide cleaning and laundry services for large storage zones, on production and assembly lines, and in heavy industry operations. We also perform technical cleaning of machines. We specialize in cleaning industrial operations, technical management of halls and warehouses, washing and leasing of linen for industrial customers, as well as security for industrial and storage facilities. We have been in business since 1997, providing excellent services based on many years of our experience along with the use of modern technologies.

In numbers

The bottom line


We take care of more than 200 industrial operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We are present at the production of  2,8 million cars of various brands per year.


We clean the premises where 11 million hectolitres of international beers are bottled per year.