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Substitute performance is one of the ways in which companies with more than 25 employees can meet the statutory obligation to employ people with disabilities. Such companies are obliged by law to employ 4% of disabled persons in their workforce.


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Substitute performance

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Substitute performance can help you meet your obligation to support persons with disabilities.

There are three ways to comply with the compulsory share – by employing disabled workers as per the statutory requirement, by employing disabled workers by means of substitute performance, or by paying a fee to the state budget. Not all employers can offer jobs to disabled people due to the nature of their business, and therefore must pay the so-called disability tax to the state budget or, a cheaper option, purchase services and products from guaranteed employers with more than 50% of employees with disabilities or by awarding contracts to such employers through substitute performance. You can use the services of our companies to meet the above conditions, as more than 50% of their workforces are people with disabilities.

The legal standard can be viewed here.

The following TSC Group companies provide substitute performance:


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