Linen washing and leasing

We can lease, wash, iron and deliver linen.

A comprehensive laundry service

We provide a comprehensive laundry service, from washing through ironing, linen leasing, dry cleaning and chemothermal disinfectant washing, through to detailed records of the circulation of the linen. The comprehensive service from Leastex is intended primarily for healthcare facilities, but we also provide services in the food industry and in the metallurgical and mining industries and other sectors. With RFID chip technology, we can provide an advanced textile sorting and dispensing system, including repairs to linen.


Up to 35 tonnes of laundry per day.


Up to 22 million shipped laundry items per year.


Up to 17 000 new-borns clothed in Leastex linen per year.

A professional approach to laundry

Our modern laundry facility guarantees perfectly clean linen thanks to time-tested procedures and advanced technology.

  • Washing, drying, ironing
  • Environmentally friendly washing programmes
  • Repairs and other additional services
  • Chip technology and statistics
  • Linen identification
  • Complete logistics
  • Advice and consultation

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Textile leasing

We can lease textiles to you

We provide workwear to staff in the healthcare and food industries, and in other fields.

RFID chips incorporated in the linen allow us to accurately monitor the movement of the linen and record other useful statistical data. We provide Leastex linen for employees and patients in healthcare facilities across the Czech Republic. However, we can also provide a comprehensive range of linen and workwear for any industry.

Dry-cleaning facility

We wash even the dirtiest laundry

Where classic washing is not enough, wet cleaning helps.

Our facility removes all stains, gently and effectively. We use high-quality certified detergents that can thoroughly clean laundry, do not damage it, and are also very environmentally friendly. We can also deal with heavily soiled workwear from the metallurgical and food industries.


Order quickly and easily

The on-line ordering system is simple and accessible.

Ordering is even easier thanks to our on-line system. This can show you the status of all orders to ensure you have everything under control. Place an on-line order.

We provide laundry services especially for companies in the following fields:

Linen washing and leasing in the TSC Group is provided by the following companies:


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