Special cleaning services

We provide cleaning work and other additional services wherever needed.

We clean anything, anywhere

Every space needs cleaning from time to time. Our technologies can cope with all types of impurities as well as hard-to-reach places. We clean façades and floors, degrease and dedust plants and production lines, and clean carpets. We select the most suitable and gentle technology for each surface to ensure the best result.


Our high-lift equipment can reach a height of 20 metres.


We consume 3 litres of water to steam clean one production line on average.


We clean 300 vehicles a day.

Cleaning services

We clean every corner

Every space can be cleaned. We find the most effective and efficient way to achieve cleanliness.

  • Washing and cleaning façades, and the external surfaces of production halls and other buildings
  • Maintenance and protection of floors with polymer and polyurethane dispersions
  • Polishing and crystallization of marble floors
  • Air conditioning cleaning
  • Dedusting
  • Cleaning and degreasing of technological units
  • Cleaning of chemical production premises
  • Cleaning of premises contaminated with wood chips, sawdust, graphite, coal dust and more
  • Cleaning of public transport
  • Cleaning of elevator shafts
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of vertical blinds
  • Dry and wet cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture

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Work at heights

Up, up to cleanliness

We use climbing techniques and high-lift equipment to really get everywhere.

We wash windows, glazed surfaces and skylights, including at heights, but also photovoltaic panels and façades. We have the necessary technology at our disposal, thanks to which no window is too high for us. We use demineralized water and Puraqleen technology.

Steam cleaning

No science, just clean water

The dry steam cleaning technique ensures a clean, dry and disinfected surface.

The steam cleaning principle is based on low pressure and high dry steam temperature. This is a proven technique that will ensure not only thorough cleaning, but most importantly surface disinfection. It can be used, for example, in the sanitation of production lines in food and industrial operations or, for example, in healthcare.

Dry-ice blasting

Dry ice as a helper

An effective and innovative method that is gentle on the material being cleaned.

Dry-ice blasting finds its use especially in cleaning greasy and hard-to-reach surfaces. This is a dry cleaning method. Other blasting methods entail complications related to the remnants of the blasting agent. Yet after using dry-ice pellets, only the clean surface remains while the dry ice itself evaporates in the form of CO2.

Floor renovation and impregnation

Floor protection

Floor impregnation makes cleaning even easier.

Proper floor treatment provides maximum protection against all types of impurities. Impregnation creates a protective film on the floor covering that is much easier to maintain and prolongs its service life.

We provide special cleaning services mainly in the following areas:

The following TSC Group companies provide special cleaning work:


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