Technological cleaning of paint shops and paint removal services

Thorough removal of paint, rust and more using the latest technologies.

Advanced technologies and an exacting approach

Paint shops are among the most demanding operations in terms of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness. We have a paint removal centre in Obruby and we are the largest supplier of paint removal services in the Czech Republic. We use extensive technical equipment and modern technologies, meaning we are able to thoroughly remove even resistant materials like paint and rust. We monitor the latest trends in the industry and bring our customers innovative and high-efficiency cleaning options. We can deal with paint, rust and grease, but also with microscopic grooves in the raster cylinders in printers.


We can easily clean recesses of as small as 0.5 mm with a laser.


Up to 2 500 bars of water pressure.


We remove paint from 5 tonnes of parts per day.

Technological cleaning

Special cleaning work of all kinds

We will find the right way to rid all surfaces of any impurities using the latest technologies.

  • Air-conditioner cleaning, including air intake and exhaust
  • Cleaning of technological elevators and chimneys for air extraction from paint shops
  • Cleaning of thermal registers and humidifiers
  • Cleaning paint mixers
  • Cleaning floors with ATEX equipment, surface coverings with antistatic film
  • Wastewater treatment plants, neutralization lines, ultrafiltration, decanters, tanks for chemical solvents
  • Cleaning flotation units
  • Cleaning water and chemical baths using pressurized water or chemicals
  • Protection and cleaning of paint booths
  • Cleaning of vents and system tanks for the proper functioning of air and paint separation
  • Cleaning of drying and cooling booths
  • Cleaning of chains and air ducts
  • Complete filter management service
  • Protection of paint and drying booths from paint overspray by applying paint sensors and covering films
  • Application of antistatic active materials
  • Design and installation of elastic sleeves to protect the surface of painting robots
  • Cleaning at heights in less accessible places

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Paint stripping

We remove paint and blast clean

Manual work combined with advanced technology ensures the best results.

Modern paint-removal methods find their use mainly in the automotive industry. Water blasting at up to 2 500 bars can remove even thick paint deposits, for example from the carriers that hold individual parts during the painting process. Paint stripping can also return conductivity to the inner parts of automotive parts.

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Laser cleaning

An innovative technology

Laser cleaning is one of the most advanced methods in the field of modern cleaning.

It is a highly effective non-contact method that is gentle on the original material. It works on the principle of ultra-short laser pulses that do not damage the surface being cleaned, thereby significantly extending the service life of production equipment and jigs. For example, we use a laser to clean injection moulds and stamping moulds, and anilox/raster cylinders in printers, including the preparation of reports using a 3D scanning microscope. Thanks to this system, we can achieve a higher degree of cleaning compared to conventional methods.

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Dry-ice blasting

A proven technology

Removal of thicker layers of impurities using solid-state CO2.

Dry-ice blasting helps clean and degrease even less-accessible parts, eliminating the need to dismantle individual components. The method uses the high kinetic energy of dry ice particles and their low temperature (down to -78°C). This is an environmentally friendly cleaning method because it does not create secondary waste, unlike when chemicals are used. The whole device is mobile, so it is no problem for our technicians to clean surfaces on site according to customer requirements.

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We provide technigical cleaning and paint-removal services mainly for companies in the following fields:

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