Outdoor maintenance

We provide cleaning and maintenance of outdoor areas.

Clean inside and out

For industrial areas, we also provide cleaning of outdoor areas, maintenance of greenery, and snow removal. We can ensure the cleanliness and passability of all roads at your site at any time of the year. We can cope with areas covering several hundred thousand square metres.


We clean over 1 million m² of area per month.


We consume 900 tonnes of salt and sprinkling material per year.


We start up around 50 tractors and spreaders every winter.

Outdoor maintenance

We are perfectly at home cleaning outdoor areas

We will look after all the outdoor areas at your site.

A clean outdoor environment is an important part of how your company is seen by others. We provide cleaning and washing of outdoor areas and roads, maintenance of greenery and vegetation, and grass mowing. We also provide landscape architect services. Winter maintenance, such as snow removal and road sprinkling, is a matter of course.

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We provide outdoor maintenance mainly to companies from the following fields:

Outdoor maintenance is provided in the TSC Group by:


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