Cleaning services for the healthcare sector

We comply with the strictest rules when cleaning in healthcare facilities.

We respect cleanliness

We look after cleaning and disinfection for hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. We comply with strict hygiene rules and approach cleaning with care and precision exactly as the environment requires. We adapt to the specific requirements of the customer and tailor the cleaning plan to measure. Compliance with all statutory decrees, and internal directives, is a matter of course.


We clean up over 27 million m² of area per month.


We have 70 satisfied clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We consume 2 000 litres of disinfectant per month.

Cleaning services for the healthcare sector

Hygiene first

We look after the regular cleaning of all common areas, but also the cleaning of central operating theatres and surgeries.

  • Regular daily cleaning of hospitals and social services facilities
  • Regular daily cleaning of corridors, common areas and sanitary facilities
  • Provision of a permanent service in central operating theatres and surgeries
  • Regular cleaning of specialist hospital departments (intensive care unit, department of anaesthesiology and resuscitation)
  • Regular cleaning of the central sterilization system for highly clean and sterile areas
  • Regular cleaning of laboratories and blood centres
  • Successful cooperation during numerous healthcare facility accreditations
  • Special cleaning activities according to customer requirements

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Floor renovation and impregnation

Floor protection

Floor impregnation makes cleaning even easier

Floor coverings are impregnated at the customer’s request and then thoroughly disinfected. Impregnation is carried out using preparations with higher resistance to disinfectants. Thanks to the right treatment, we ensure hygienic cleanliness and the result is maximum floor protection even in the harsh environment of healthcare and social services facilities.

Supplies of hygiene products

We clean and replenish

Our comprehensive cleaning services also include all hygiene items.

We cooperate with leading manufacturers and suppliers of all hygiene products, which we are thus able to deliver at highly competitive prices. We are able to provide our clients with products meeting even the most stringent requirements. Our deliveries are flexible, and our replenishment system is efficient and economical. We record consumption at individual sampling points so that you have everything under control.


Get help

Floor impregnation makes maintenance and cleaning even easier.

We clean healthcare facilities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and our know-how is supported by many years of experience. We will help you configure a disinfection plan exactly according to your requirements and options.

We provide cleaning services in the healthcare sector, especially for:

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