TSC Group has expanded to include ips cleaning group, s.r.o.

17. Únor 2023 / News

In August 2022, TSC GROUP, a.s. concluded a long-planned transaction, which resulted in the integration of the Slovak companies ips cleaning group, s.r.o. (originally a joint stock company), ips pro s.r.o. and ips trade, s.r.o. into the TSC Group.

These Slovak companies have been operating on the Slovak market for a long time and provide both cleaning and laundry services for their wide portfolio of customers. Considering the direction of the entire TSC Group, this transaction has become crucial for the Group's expansion into the Slovak market.

TSC Group's main goal for the future is to continue to provide top-quality cleaning services and janitorial services to clients of all industries. At the same time, to expand its operations and maintain its position as a leader in the industry both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The ips Group is a Slovak professional cleaning company based on the principles of a family business with more than ten years of tradition. Apart from regular and special cleaning services, it also provides professional laundry services, summer and winter outdoor maintenance, disinfection of premises, high-rise work, supply of hygiene materials, etc. It operates throughout Slovakia and its clients include the largest companies in the industrial, healthcare, food industry, retail chains and office buildings.