New paint stripping centre and advanced technical cleaning and paint removal technologies

19. October 2021 / News

The Ostrava-based holding company TSC Group, which covers the largest group of enterprises in the fields of cleaning, washing and laundry services in the Czech Republic, today completed the acquisition of a paint stripping centre. This company provides special paint removal services, primarily to Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav and other companies in the automotive sector. The price for the 100% share has not been disclosed by the buyer or the seller.

“With the acquisition of this paint stripping centre, we are completing the chain of technologies needed for the technical cleaning of paint shops and special cleaning of industrial equipment. We were interested in this company because it has sophisticated know-how and technology in the field of paint removal and cleaning of industrial products and preparations. It uses automatic high-pressure water-blasting technology and a semi-automatic leaching line,” says Martin Chyla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSC Group. “These technologies, together with the laser cleaning technology we already own, are the absolute pinnacle in the field. We see huge added value in the fact that we are connecting all the activities an industrial company may need – from technical cleaning, cleaning technology, product logistics, and paint stripping and waste management,” he adds. Such an interconnected chain of activities is unique not only in the Czech Republic but also in the wider region.

Upon incorporation into the group, the paint removal centre will operate as a subsidiary of TSC Jet and continue to serve its existing and new customers in the group’s portfolio. In the future, TSC Group wants to further invest in the company and expand its services to include paint removal from industrial workpieces and other types of paint removal technologies.

“We want TSC Jet to become the leader in hi-tech technical cleaning and paint removal services within our group. In the future, TSC Group wants to focus more on technical cleaning and special cleaning of industrial equipment with higher added value, which require the use of state-of-the-art technologies. TSC Jet should become the technological leader in the market and a know-how base,” Martin Chyla concludes.