TSC Group - main partner of FC Baník Ostrava

5. Duben 2024 / News

We consider it an honour and we are proud to be a stable partner of one of the biggest domestic sports clubs - FC Baník Ostrava - for several years. We see this partnership as an alliance with a brand that symbolizes not only success, but also dynamism, development and, last but not least, social responsibility.

Partnership with Baník? A partnership with vision, dynamism and success!

"This is true in life, and it is even more true in the business world. There is nothing more valuable than a partnership and alliance proven by time. The cooperation between Baník Ostrava and TSC Group is just such an alliance, which has lasted for several years and I believe will continue to work for many years to come. The fact that this is the case is proof that this is a partnership that benefits both parties. What more could you ask for?" said Václav Brabec, Chairman of the Board of FC Baník Ostrava.

FC Baník Ostrava was founded in 1922, which means that quite recently, in 2022, it celebrated its 100th anniversary. During the spectacular celebrations, the club and its fans recalled the main milestones of its history, which are undoubtedly the four league titles from 1976, 1980, 1981 and 2004. Baník Ostrava left a deep mark on the European Cups throughout its existence, the deepest in 1979, when it reached the semi-finals of the then Cup Winners' Cup and remained just outside the gates of the final. Also famous was Baník's victory over Bayern Munich in the 1976 European Champions Cup, when Bayern's jersey was worn by such luminaries as Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Sepp Maier and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Baník brought up two Champions League winners, Milan Baroš and Marek Jankulovský. Alongside them were many other personalities who were among the world and European football top players. Let us mention Rostislav Vojáček, Libor Radimec, Pavel Michalík, Luděk Miklosek, Pavel Srnička, René Bolf and Tomáš Galásek.

Currently, Baník Ostrava is a club that is heading for further success in cooperation with TSC Group. In recent years, it has made huge progress in the development of the club's youth infrastructure and has only one ambition. To be successful in educating young footballers for top European and world football and to once again rank among the most successful Czech football clubs.