Restructuring and introduction of the new TSC Group brand

Ostrava, 17. January 2022 / News

The Ostrava-based holding company TSC Group, operating in the fields of industrial cleaning, washing and laundry, has introduced its new logo and brand. The “TSC” part of the name stands for Technical Services Company and expresses a shift in the group‘s strategy towards providing a wide range of services more focused towards higher added value and using the latest technologies on the market.

“The restructuring of the group and the TSC Group brand will lead to a clearer and more targeted distribution of the customer-focused activities among the holding’s members, as well as to a streamlining of inter-group processes. We will focus on using the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of services for clients who already today appreciate the technologies we use, such as Spyre laser surface cleaning technology, autonomous cleaning robots, high-performance camera-controlled industrial vacuum cleaners, and more. We enable our clients to manage their services through our own on-line software solution, and have implemented a number of pro-client processes on software supplied by TSC SW, which is also part of the holding. At TSC Jet, we are now investing in chemical and ultrasonic paint stripping for industrial workpieces and other advanced paint removal technologies,” says Martin Chyla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSC Group.

The TSC Group portfolio includes companies engaged in facility management, general cleaning, comprehensive laundry services, a specialized company providing cleaning services for healthcare facilities, a company focused on extensive industrial cleaning, maintenance of large outdoor areas, technical cleaning of paint shops and paint removal services, and other related human resources and specialized software solutions services.

“We provide services to the largest companies in the Czech Republic. We also selflessly support charitable projects throughout the country and seek to support sports clubs, being the general partner of the FC Baník Ostrava football club – incidentally, we are looking forward to celebrating the club’s 100th anniversary. We are also partners of the WTA Prague Open tennis tournament, the AC Sparta Praha and FK Teplice football clubs, and the HC Vítkovice, HC Košice and HC Olomouc hockey clubs. We also actively support children’s sports clubs,” Chyla adds.


The TSC Group expected turnover for 2021 is EUR 100 million. TSC Group is the clear market leader in its field in the Czech Republic and is currently expanding its activities on the Slovak market.


“In the coming years, we would like to develop the potential of the entire holding to provide our customers with a wide portfolio of services ranging from basic to highly sophisticated activities using the latest technologies, and to continue to set the direction in the field,” Chyla says.