Facility management

All facility management services centralized under one roof.

Your Facility Management Under Our Supervision

Ensuring the optimal technical condition of the buildings in which you conduct your production, administrative, or commercial activities is critical for the seamless functioning of your company. It also serves as a testament of our business's reliability and professionalism. With our facility management services, we provide a comprehensive solution for all aspects of building operation and maintenance. Our dedicated point of contact is available 24/7 to handle routine maintenance, servicing, inspections, and emergency situations, consolidating all related services for your convenience.


We make about 4 000 inspections per year.


We collect more than 5 million technical data items per year.


6 million loaves of bread are sold in buildings where we provide services per year.

Facility management

Let us worry about it instead

We look after the operation and maintenance of buildings, and the operation and control of their technical equipment.

  • Looking after the operation and maintenance of buildings
  • Centralization of all services
  • Ensuring the operation and inspection of their technical equipment
  • Provision of servicing and technological activities in compliance with current standards and valid legislation
  • Elaboration of technical and operational documentation
  • Ensuring economic and technical management
  • Creation of technical and investment plans
  • Provision of management systems

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Inspections and servicing

We will check it for you

We will carry out all inspections and any subsequent necessary servicing.

We will monitor the dates of all statutory inspections and servicing, and ensure compliance with these deadlines. We will also look after all the associated administrative activities.

Regular maintenance

We reduce the risks to operations

We prevent problems before they arise thanks to regular maintenance.

A properly configured maintenance system significantly reduces the risk of failure for all technical equipment in the building. We check and service all your technology, from elevators to lights.


Get help

Put yourself in the hands of our qualified staff

We manage hundreds of buildings and apply the experience gained to the benefit of your operation. We take into account your options and requirements, and will create a plan that suits you.

Property management in the TSC Group is provided by the following companies:


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